How to install Windows os in shohost cloud vps

Why ShoHost is Best Comparing to other Cloud Hosting company?

First off all shohost provides upto 10gbps network speed for their all cloud server and also they provide server is almost within 10 seconds and the main factor is you don’t need to pay for instaling windows server os in Shohost Cloud VPS

  1. install Custom OS for free
  2. 10gbps network speed
  3. instant and free setup

Let’s come to the topic to know how to install windows os on shohost cloud vps

Step 1: Click on IOS Image

IOS Image in


Step 2: Search Windows and select your prefered os, in this article i’m selecting windows server 2022

windows IOS Image


Step 3: reboot the server by turning off and turning on

Step 4: After selecting version click on console

Click on console


Step 5: you need to install windows like how you install using CD,

Step 6: Decide what os you are going to install

Windows install types

Step 7: Click Load Drive

Click Load Drive

Step 8: Now You need To Mount virtio-win


Step 8: Go back to console

Step 9: and click on load drive and browse and Expand CD Drive (D:) and the vioscsi folder and the 2k19 folder. Select the amd64 folder and click OK

Windows drive folder

Step 9: after seleting multiple times you will able to see the drives

Windoes drive


Step 10: Delete the Drive partition. The drive will become unallocated space.

Step 11: Click New to create new partitions on which you can install Windows Server

Step 12: go back to the ios image and select your prefer windows version.

Step 13: formate the drive you will able to see next option

Click Formate

Step 14: now you will able to see install process

windoes install page


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