How to use Ftp in cPanel

What is FTP?

FTP full form File Transfer Protocol. ftp is used to tranfer files from one point to another or it is used in a server to allow the user to upload the file, access the file or modifiy the file.

Does FTP is secure?

Defenetly FTP is secure untill you keep the ftp login details securly. but it doesn’t have any 2fa authentication becasue of that it dosn’t meet the current world security system. but now a days there is sftp. sftp stands for secure file transfer protocol.

How to Create FTP account in cpanel?

You don’t need to create seprate ftp account in cpanel that means cpanel login details and ftp login details are same so don’t worry you don’t need to create new ftp account for your cpanel.

How to create a ftp account for 1 folder?

step 1: login to cpanel

Cpanel home page

step 2: Search FTP

cpanel Ftp Search Bar

Step 3: Click on FTP Accounts

Step 4: fill all the necessory details

Ftp account page

in Directory mention the folder that you need to create account

Step 5: Click create ftp account

How to Login to FTP account?

there are many software that can use ftp sftp many more thing for examole putty, winscp etc, you can use putty to access the ftp from your compure for windows winscp is best

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